30 de gener 2019

Quote from the "The Muppets movie".

Hello everybody!

This week's quote is from the "The Muppets movie".

What do you think it means?

22 de gener 2019

Idioms and Quotes to think outside the box

Hi everybody!

4th graders are very excited discovering new expressions in English, that usually have a special meaning. Every week we work on a different one. It's another way to learn the language!

This idiom was the first one. Do you remember what does "OVER THE MOON" mean?

01 de gener 2019

An interesting dinosaur comic!

Another nice and short dinosaur comic!

A nice and short comic!

Another VERY LONG dinosaur comic!

One more!

And another one...

More dinosaur comics!

The LONGEST comic!

Guess what! A dinosaur comic!

One more dinosaur comic!

A dinosaur comic with a twist!

And yet another dinosaur comic!

And another Christmas comic!

Another dinosaur comic!