dimarts, 11 de juny de 2019

3rd and 4th grade: TARZAN!

Hi everybody!

Last Thursday we had the visit of the IPA Productions team who represented Tarzan, a funny play in English!

We participated a lot in the performance, sang, danced and had lots of fun!!

Take a look at our pictures:




dimecres, 22 de maig de 2019

Fin de curso en el paraíso

La Diversión De MartinaResultat d'imatges de la diversion de martina

El recomano a la gent que li agradin els llibres una mica llargs.
Va de que la MartinaImatge relacionadai els  seus amics i la classe
van de colònies a les MaldivesResultat d'imatges de maldivas dibercion de matinai troben a un tritóResultat d'imatges de la diversion de martina librosImatge relacionada

Si voleu saber més coses, us heu de llegir el llibre.

Elena Díaz

dimarts, 21 de maig de 2019

4th Grade: What do you look like?

Hi everybody!

We are learning vocabulary to describe people's appearance with this song, we love it!

dilluns, 11 de març de 2019


Hello everybody!

It's Projects time! Every class in the school has chosen a topic and are learning lots of new things. 5th B and P4 B share the same project: "The Seafloor" (El fons marí). 

This is why 5th Graders have prepared different activities for the kids in P4 during the Writing Workshop sessions.

One of the groups came up with a "Memory of sea animals" and this afternoon have visited us in P4B.

Irene, Marina, Daniela and Aroa have explained the activity in English and we played altogether!

Then, we have danced the song "Animals in the ocean".

We have had so much fun, specially the little ones! Thank you for coming!

dissabte, 2 de març de 2019

It's Carnival!

I'm dressed up as  Nynfadora Tonks from Harry Potter. (Aroa)

I'm dressed up as a little child. (Irene)

I'm dressed up as Harry Potter. (Adem)

I'm dressed up as a hipster. (Arnau)

I'm dressed up as a hipster. (Adrià)

I'm dressed up as a hipster. (Jan)

I'm dressed up as a hipster.(Roger)

I'm dressed up as a hipster. (Santi)

We're dressed up as  pirates. (Milena, Abril, Isabel)

I'm dressed up as a dentist.(Pol)

I'm dressed up  as a girl.(Daniela)

We're dressed up as unicorns.(Anna, Aina Morilla, Aina)

I'm dressed up as a hipster.(Víctor)

dimecres, 30 de gener de 2019

Quote from the "The Muppets movie".

Hello everybody!

This week's quote is from the "The Muppets movie".

What do you think it means?

dimarts, 22 de gener de 2019

Idioms and Quotes to think outside the box

Hi everybody!

4th graders are very excited discovering new expressions in English, that usually have a special meaning. Every week we work on a different one. It's another way to learn the language!

This idiom was the first one. Do you remember what does "OVER THE MOON" mean?